Broken b8 Import Adium Chat logs

Can anyone help me debug the Adium Chat Log import? DTP0 2b8 (as well as 7) hang the whole app. I tried running it through the debugger/script editor and the issue I had was that it crashes and gives the error:

error "Address Book did not respond." number -2700 from «script» to item

The hangup is slightly above that, in that it can’t handle getting the list of Jabber handles here:

set usersJabber to get people whose Jabber handles ≠ {}

Any pointers? Need more info? Thanks.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll look after it after the Christmas holidays for the next release!

I have fixed this problem. Please try the attached script.

_x Adium (33.7 KB)

Thanks - it seems to work very well until DTPOb8 crashes. I think it must be some overflow or something, as I have a whole lot of logs to import.

I suspect this, because when I start it up again, I hear the trash sound, and looking there I see a whole lot of successfully converted HTML files.

I’m not anxious to delete logs on import just yet, so hopefully there’s another solution to this.

Can you send me the crash log to, please? I presume it’s a bug that we have fixed in the main application code for the next release.