Broken import


  • OSX 10.6.5
  • DT Pro Office 2.0.6
  • Email = PostBox 2.1.0

When I drag an email from PostBox to the Sorter, the entry in DT comes in as a bookmark. I can not read the contents of the email in DT preview pane but if I double click the entry in DT, it does open the email in PostBox. If I delete the email from PostBox, I can no longer access the email entry that I had put into DT. If I double click it, nothing happens.

If I bypass the sorter everything works perfectly. In other words, if I drag the email from PostBox directly into DevonThink, the resulting entry type is EML. The contents of this entry is visible in the preview pane as it should be and the item can be opened from DT even if the original was deleted.

Dragging email from works fine.

I think Sorter is broken. Is there a fix in the works? Can I beta test it?




Known or new issue?

Need more data?

The DEVONthink offices are closed until Monday the 9th for the Holidays. They are still providing support through the ticket system, but I haven’t seen much of the DEVON staff on the forums since the week before Christmas.


Everyone deserves a vacation. And I can certainly wait.


I’m having the same problem. Has anyone had any luck with this?

Is the Devon team back from break, yet?

Or can someone else please help me with resolving this issue?



This seems to be an issue of the Sorter. The only workarounds right now are to…

  • drag & drop to DEVONthink (e.g. the floating “Groups & Tags” panel, accessible via the Dock menu) if it’s running
  • drag & drop to the desktop and then to the Sorter if DEVONthink is not running

Thanks very much for your reply. I will try that method.