Broken Link Checking

Just an idea, (and I’d like to know if there is already a method of doing this in DA), but how about a feature which checks for broken url links on user selected web pages?

I presume that the log view would be ideal for listing tested (or searched) urls which do not open. If the link urls have to actually be searched to do this, then the search word could be anything the user chooses (‘the’ or ‘a’ for example). All I would be interested in is ‘lookup failed’ and ‘404 errors’, which I could investigate further if necessary.

I currently have a list of url links on my website, and it would be great if I could either;

  1. Point DA to the associated web page and then test all the links in a single mouse click.

or 2. Have a text file containing a list of user defined urls which DA will check.

and 3. Be able to import bookmark urls from Safari for example, and have DA check them all for broken links.


I just finished an Applescript to do just that. If your still interested let me know.

I’m interested :slight_smile:

An AppleScript for DEVONagent Pro?