Broken links in annotations

I understand why this is happening, just wondering if there is a way to automatically fix the broken paths.

We have several people reviewing multiple copies of a huge dataset in DTPO and each has created annotations for hundreds or thousands of files. Now, we want to share the annotations and we’re accomplishing this by exporting to specific Dropbox accounts (just the annotations, not the whole database). Now obviously there is a different database location as people have imported things at different times so what happens is the link in the shared annotation no longer works when imported into another database.

So, here’s the question part…is there an automated manner in which DTPO can locate and fix all those broken links (assuming the same original file is also in both datasets)?

In other words, if I have reviewed a file titled 123.pdf and created an annotation for it, then export that annotation to Dropbox, reviewer 2 imports it to his copy of DTPO the link in the annotation is broken. Yet, if he also has 123.pdf in his database, is there a method for “fixing this”?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/input.