Broken links on google

Hi, I’m loving the new site and forum, but one side-effect is that I’m struggling to find old help articles in google. For example, I searched for “devonthink moving indexed files”, and the top result is “Tuesday Tip: Importing vs Indexing”, but when I click through, I get dropped on the blog homepage (

Are those posts all gone? If not, it would be great if they could be redirected (and it will avoid damaging your SEO).

We have instructed Google already weeks ago to reindex our website. So far it seems that the Google Bot didn’t crawl all our pages but we hope that it soon will have completed its collection work :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, ok. I’d consider putting in redirects as well, since the re-crawl won’t help other search-engines, inbound links from other sites, or users’ bookmarks.

We have a few hundred blog posts a the slugs have changed as we also changed the underlying blogging system. We might add redirects if we can regex a scheme but it’s unlikely that we’ll add hundreds of redirect I guess.

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