Browser extension for support of the x-devonthink-item://... links in Google Docs and other cloud-based office suites?


I was trying to insert an x-devonthink-item://… type of link into a Google Document and it seems that this type of link is not supported.

I suppose it relates to many other cloud-based web office suits, todo-apps, planners (like ClickUp, Jira, Omnifocus), and others.

It would be useful if there could be a browser extension for resolving of links of this type.

The scenario can be for a solo-user and also for the DEVONthink team-based subscriptions.

You’d have to talk to the developers of those services about supporting URL schemes.
We can only provide the link; they control how it behaves in their applications.

Maybe you got me wrong. I’m just suggesting that for DEVONthink it could be a nice feature to have such an auto-link-resolving browser extension for x-devonthink-item(s) to extend use-cases to potentially any web-app.

I believe that it can be a really easy to implement and a universal one-to-many solution as a simple browser extension (or maybe it can be included in the Clipper) which enables a much wider user-base from outside apps ecosystems.

Imagine an individual or a team who want(s) to separate the data ownership:

  1. The most private data that we don’t event want to be transferred to the cloud.
  2. The rest of data which we are ok to upload and collaborate on via the cloud.

Imagine we use Google or Microsoft Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, etc, Jira, ClickUp, Trello, Confluence and even Todoist or something like that.

With this extension we could mention the x-devonthink links in any of the web apps alongside with regular URLs and files attachments in documents, Jira tasks, documentation etc.

Hope I brought more clarity to the initial idea.

I’m not meaning only these named apps. I’m thinking about targeting ANY of the cloud web apps and their users.

The x-devonthink-item links resolver can be implemented as an overlay over any interface of any web app. For example, Grammarly’s extension utilizes this principle.