Browser performance

Generally embedded browser is fine. But this one page locks up the whole app.

The app becomes unresponsive to input and consumes 100% CPU. It doesn’t hang the app but close. I can still close the app from Activity Monitor and it seem to exit normally after a while. I can click another item in the list and it takes hours but eventually that item is getting loaded in the browser.

However, this is the only such URL. I tried a few other pages that use WebGL and all seem fine. Not as performant as Frirefox or Safari but still decent and none lock up the app.

Thank you for the feedback! That’s unfortunately an issue of the used engine of the WebKit framework (the old but powerful one, the latest one is faster but still really limited and therefore would break many features of DEVONthink).

To be clear, I don’t expect top WebGL performance in DT but it’d be nice if the browser didn’t bring down the whole app with it.