Bucket, Book, Movie, TV, Travel, Wish, Gift Idea... Lists!

My apologies if this has already been covered ad nauseam elsewhere on the forum, but I wanted to start a thread to get some inspiration from the community.

How do you all use DEVONthink for your big-picture life lists? Book lists, bucket lists, movies or TV shows you want to watch, places or restaurants you want to visit, want/wish lists, lists with gift ideas for loved ones, etc. etc…

My first thought is just to create a group with sub-groups for each kind of list and save stuff to it, but I’d love to hear if someone has a cool way of collecting, organizing, and reviewing this kind of stuff (any automation ideas would be a huge bonus!).

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s workflows!

I don’t at all. But I’m not a list person anyway

Not what I use DEVONthink for… I keep those sorts of things in Things.

Why do you need automation for creating these kinds of lists?
What would you do - try to scrape Rotten Tomatoes reviews (which are trash reviews anyways) about movies you want to watch? :stuck_out_tongue:

These are ad-hoc lists you’re referring to, not a business resource or academic research. I think you should just hand-curate these things into a database as you encounter them.

Your group structure is up to you as well. I may have a group about canoes and drop PDFs, etc. about canoes I’d like to buy into the group as I encounter them. If I start shopping for kayaks, I may create a kayak group. If I then look for sailboats, I may add a sailboat group or just merge the groups and contents into a watercraft group.


Me too (lists in Things and supporting research in DT3).

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Hahaha I must automate all the things, @BLUEFROG!

No, but thanks for all the feedback. I guess no one else is thinking the way I do! :rofl: Maybe I’ll have to reevaluate how I’m considering using DEVONthink. :grimacing:

I do use DEVONthink for some lists like this but I don’t automate any of it. I just drop things in the appropriate group/database as I find them.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking would be the most economical way of doing it.

For books I use Goodreads, for Movies Letterboxd and TV Series iTV Shows.
Wines in Vivino and Restaurants in yelp…
Currently not having a bucket list on papier…