Bug: Automatic Resize and view change pdf


i think i found a bug.

being in the result list of a search (window with 2 ‘panels’, left side the list of all found search result documents, right side the actual document), changing the view from one page continuous to two page continuous actually resizes incorrectly when the pdf is in ‘automatically resize’.

what happens is that DA shows me one page, fully resized to the window. the second page is now fully to the right (i.e. invisible). there are no horizontal scrollbars. if i switch to ‘actual size’ and back to ‘automatically resize’, DA resizes the document to two fully visible pages in the window.


Was the PDF document part of the results or did you navigate to the PDF document in a browser? Finally, do you use Mac OS X 10.9? Thanks for your help.

works the described way with both.

Now i do and it keeps happening.
DA Pro 3.5.2

Could you please send me the URL of the document so that I could try to reproduce this? Thanks!


Thanks for the link, the next maintenance release will fix this glitch of Mavericks.