Bug DTP: Editing file content in search list


i am using DTP 2.3.4.
i have the search open (Tools - Search). I search for something, get a results list with 4 entries back.
one of those is a txt file, i select it and on the right side/frame, the content of the text file is opened.
i click anywhere in the text file, the cursor blinks, the entry is now not marked blue anymore but rather in some grey-ish shade.

i press enter. instead of inserting NewLine the blinking cursor disappears. if i press enter again, the search field is selected.

best, bosie

Thanks for the feedback! Results of search windows are not yet editable but we’ll improve this in the future. But the toolbar search supports already editing.

While it is annoying that it isn’t yet editable, I am more complaining about what happens when i press return. jumping out of the text etc. is just weird IMO.