Bug found - "open with"

I believe that I have found a bug in the Devonthink Pro Office app.

When opening a document in Devonthink (e.g. by double clicking or right click-open), by default it opens in the Devonthink viewer. Is it possible to use a different viewed by going to the data menu, then “open with” and then selecting you app (e.g. Preview). In this menu, it shows the keyboard shortcut for “open with default” as being ⌘O.

The problem is this. When the app first starts, pressing ⌘O just opens the document in the Devonthink viewer. No matter how many times you do it, this keeps happening. However, when I do this via the menu (i.e. go to “open with default” in the data menu), it open in the correct app. From them on, pressing ⌘O will continue to open it in the correct app.

The shortcut to open a document in its default application is actually Cmd-Shift-O. Did you modify shortcuts via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts?

Good point, yes I did. Still doesn’t explain why I have to do it manually first though, I don’t think.

Open With is a dynamic submenu, therefore the system can probably not apply the customized shortcut until the menu was opened at least once.

Interesting, will have to live with it then I guess!