bug in 2.0beta8 ???

I got a mail with info DEVONAGENT 2.0, SECOND PUBLIC BETA

Today I have install the Devonagent 2.0beta8

If I start a new search for example “devonagent” with options DEUTSCH, there are no results in first both pages Übersicht and Seiten.

Only in protokoll there are datas with URL’s.

Should I delete the .plist ?

Normally I use version 1.

Jochen (.de)


Possibility: You had previously done the same search and had either archived the results or left them in DA’s cache. Your search set was configured to filter (not display) previously found results that are in the archive and/or the cache. And no new material had been added to the searched Web resources for the plugin(s) set. The result would be no results for the search displayed under the Pages or Digest tabs of the search window.

Could that be the case? Try with a different search string, e.g., DEVONtechnologies or EasyFind that doesn’t have results stored in the Archive or in cache. Also (assuming that you had not saved the search results for “devonagent” in the Archive), select File > Empty Cache and repeat the search for “devonagent”.

I doubt that it’s a .plist problem, but there’s no harm in deleting it and relaunching DEVONagent 2.0 beta 8. (And you can always reverse the process should you decide to revert to DA 1.x.)


please select the plugin Suche > Deutschland > German Internet (as the default search sets use international search engines and probably there were no German pages among the best results).

Thanks @Bill_DeVille and @cgrunenberg

I have install DA2 on my powerbook with 10.3.9.

I found this plugin in:

Menü > Fenster > Module & Scanner (german language)

I think this the plugins ?

All plugins are activated in this window

I have open Optionen and I have select Deutsch before I search.

I have search to “devonagent” and results in all 3 windows.

I have quit DA

I start DA again

I do the same

Results in all 3 windows

I will see what is on my PowerMac G4 with 10.3.9

I have not a lot of experience with search machine and also DA

Jochen (.de)


My english is not so good and I use some times to understand your answer.
I’m not shure what you mean because I use DA only for a short time and there are a lot of tools in DA.

Jochen (.de)

To select a plugin for a search, just open a new search window and click on the small “Find” popup menu to the left of the search field. Then navigate to the submenu “Suche > Deutschland” and select “German Internet”.

Ah, thanks.

Now it is clear :wink:

And what is the difference between this plugin and the toolbar Options International or languages …Dansk, Deutsch, English…

Jochen (.de)

This will use our language filter on the result pages to select pages with contents in that language only (and it doesn’t use the HTML language tag but analyses the actual text).