bug in 'import from scan'

I found a bug in DTPO 1.3.1, epson perfection 2480 photo and my powerbook 1,33 10.4.8
Scanning using 600 dpi and OCR, DTPO start to scan, I see the correct scanning during the OCR process, and at the end of the scanning process, the page scanned become corrupted and unreadable. The text ‘inside’ the pdf is ok, but the image is deformed and not readable.
Scanning at 300 all is working fine, and also scanning at 600 dpi with no OCR working fine.
Scanning at 600 with no OCR and after ‘converting to searchable pdf’ working fine too.
Only scanning with 600 dpi with OCR cause this weird problem.

If you want I can provide a screenshot, the bug is a repetible one.


Are you trying to OCR a landscape document that is mapped to portrait? In that case you should set the document’s page layout to landscape and then you should be fine.
If that is not the case, you probably have hit a bug with the OCR module and I would appreciate if you can send the original document to support@devon-technologies.com.