Bug in iOS 12 Beta 2 an DTTG 2.6.2


I‘m running the ios 12 Beta 2 and the latest DTTG. When I sync my *.dtcloud stores via Webdav and select the Databases to sync, it crashes after switching on. After restart the switch is still on, but no syncing. Any ideas? Thank you

Have you enabled sending crash data to third-party developers? If not, please do so. Flip the switch for Share With App Developers in iOS’ Settings > Privacy > Analytics.

Also, iOS 12 is a beta release and should not be used in mission-critical or production environments, nor should it be expected to behave normally. Betas are a moving target code-wise. Things we “fix” could be broken again, and new problems can be introduced, by changes Apple makes. We code for public releases, as the code can change substantially in the beta process. Again, you should not run beta operating systems on a machine you need to be working.

Thank you Bluefrog,

I enabled the crash report. Fortunately this is my Test iPad with the ios Beta. On my iPhone runs the non Beta Version. I also send you one of the error logs *.ips via mail to info@devontechnologies.com

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I had the same Problem with DP2. Now with DP3 it seems to work again (iPhone 8+ and iPad mini)

Basically DEVONthink crashes when you create a database or sync a new one (device creates a new one for the sync) on iOS 12 betas.

Stay away from the betas unless you are ready to have everything you need for work broken.

With iOS 12 DP3 it no longer crashes (tested on 2 devices)

Yes, same here, works fine now

Hi - how do I get iOS 12 DP3? I am having the same crash issues. Thanks.

Me too on the public beta.

Just adding my $0.02 to corroborate that this is apparently a real bug.

Looking forward to the next iOS beta and getting this resolved.

I just installed the latest iOS 12 beta Apple just put out today. No more crashes with DTG now. All is good.

Same here. Public beta 2 seems to resolve the problem.

I’m also wondering if there is the possibility to be added to the DTTG3 beta, if I understand correctly it exists and is available to be tested. Is this correct? I of course understand if it is being limited to certain vetted users or any other restrictions on broader accessibility.

On another note, as always, I appreciate the awesome work of the team to put out a great product, build on features, maintain stability, and respond to all the folks in this forum that (like me) constantly are requesting new features and offering criticism…it comes from a place of love and incredible wonder at all these apps (I’m a DTTG, DTPO, & DA user) already does. It’s unparalleled. Cheers to you folks!