Bug: keyboard navigation in Go To > Go to Group (DT3)


There seems to be a minor bug in the Go To popup which prevents keyboard navigation:


  1. Invoke the Go To popup (with menu or Ctl-cmd-G). (Works)
  2. Down arrow to move to the groups list. (Works)
  3. Try to expand a database with the right arrow key (Fails).

Expected behaviour – right arrow opens the highlighted database allowing continued keyboard navigation.

Experienced behaviour – right arrow returns the focus to the search field.

There doesn’t seem to be a key to expand the selection: tab returns to the search field as well (which is logical) and Enter moves the file to the selected group (again expected).

The only way of expanding the database is to click on it, which negates the point of keyboard navigation :grinning:.

Only minor, of course…


It’s not a bug.
The sidebar doesn’t support keyboard at this moment.
You can expend/collapse by keys within the view pane.

Yes I know! :slight_smile:

I’m talking about the popup menu invoked from the Go > To Group menu (or ctl-cmd-G), not the sidebar. You can down arrow into the list to select a database, but you can’t open it for further navigation, which is clearly a bug, or an oversight - no point at all in allowing arrow access to just the databases.


Beta 2 will fix this.