BUG REPORT: DT 3.7.2 PRO does not recognise new day in intelligent groups


I have intelligent groups that lists all my documents in a database based on creation dates like “today” and “yesterday”. As I am a mobile user I usually just put my MacBook to standby mode and open it the next day.

Unfortunately DT does not recognise a new day and still shows documents created yesterday in the today view. Closing DT and re-open it fixes it. Nevertheless the right behaviour should be that the software regularly checks the right date updates the intelligent groups IMHO.

Hope it helps.

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Try deselecting and reselecting the smart group instead of quitting and relaunching.

That doesn’t make it. Still old entries in the list. I am still convinced that the program itself should notice the date change - and not the user. Or in other words: The problem is shifted to the user instead of finding a technical solution.

Thanks for the bug report! This issue exists probably for a very long time (since 2.0) but it’s actually the first report of its kind. Are your databases rarely modified? Any update should refresh the smart groups too. Anyway, a future release will improve this.

Just the usual post scans and other documents for a small to medium sized company. Yes, sometimes we probably don’t update the db fast enough. Please consider it as a suggestion for an improvement, not a complaint. We are vey happy with the solution and value your work.


The next release will improve this.