*BUG* Reverts to 'sort by name'


I am currently using beta5 and I have noticed the following bug compared to beta4. I have a list of folders containing different files. In beta4 I could sort this folder by ‘Unsorted’ and whenever I would go back to that folder it would sort based on my previous settings (‘Unsorted’ or whatever I would have selected). However, folders I have created in beta5 always reverts back to ‘Sort by name’. This is very unfortunate as I would like ALL my folders to be sorted by ‘Unsorted’ since I can then determine the sort-order myself. Am I missing something or could you please fix this in the next release?

I have ticked the box ‘Retain view’ under general preferences.

Thanks very much.

I reported this via the bug reporting mechanism (which the release notes tell you to use, instead of submitting bugs here :wink: and it was acknowledged as a bug, which should be fixed in the next release.

That and other information could be made more obvious using content-specific “Forum rules” banners on certain pages, e.g.:

HandBrake • View forum - Bugs
HandBrake • View forum - Mac

Wherever it’s likely to be seen before someone posts.