Bug: Rich Text won't scroll

I have a rich text document which is a simplified copy of another. When I edit the doc in portrait orientation on my iPhone 4S, the text will not scroll until I tap to bring up the keyboard. In landscape, the text scrolls with or without the keyboard.

How much text is in the document? Is it just enough to need scrolling, or is it significantly more (say, 2 screenfuls or more)?

In portrait, there’s 6 or 7 lines out of view; I can’t scroll to see them and the horizontal scroll is active with nearly a full screen of whitespace beyond the right margin.

After re-examining in landscape, I see that I can scroll vertically, but almost three lines are cut off by the bottom toolbar; I can scroll to see them, but the display bounces back when I release. And there’s about a third of a screen of whitespace beyond the right margin that I can scroll to.

Ah, yes, I see this now. I’m adding it to my list and I’ll look into it as soon as I can.