Bug? Search in Sorter does not focus on search field

I have set up the appearance of the sorter to “show as dock tab”, and I have created a “Search Hotkey” for triggering search. When I hit the keyboard shortcut for search, I see that the dock tab opens, but the search field does not get the focus. See screenshot. I have to click that field to activate it. That’s an additional step, that’s - in my opinion - unnecessary. - Is this behaviour intended?

This is not the case if I set the appearance to “Show as Menu Extra”. In that case the search field gets the focus. But I’d rather use the “dock tab”.


I have confirmed the issue here.
@aedwards will have to investigate this.

I cannot reproduce the issue on my system, however I will investigate the issue

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This works properly for me in the Menu Bar, but after typing my search string I am unable to navigate to the results list via the keyboard. Tab doesn’t work. I have to mouse to the result I want and click…would much rather keep my hands on the keyboard.

Thanks, I will take a look