Bug? Sidebar Photo Import in Catalina not working

Sidebar→ Image Capture → Devices

Devonthink 3 (latest) won’t import iPhone camera pics on Catalina - Mac Mini 2020 but will import on Mojave - Macbook Pro.

I tested both Macs, connecting iPhone to lightning cable to USB and also to USB hub - same results on both connections. Catalina asks me to unlock my iPhone and goes no further…stuck… no thumbnails display at all. Mohave goes on to display all images as usual.

A new preference I need to tweak?

I will take a look.

Thanks. BTW, Apple Image Capture is operating flawlessly to display iPhone images on both Mini and MBP so I conclude this is some hiccup in DTP.

We use an Apple control to import photos, which should work with Catalina. I can’t find anything in the code that would stop it from importing in Catalina. Could you in DEVONthink 3, select the Help menu, press the Option button and there should be a menu entry “Report Bug”. This will open an email and attach the logs file that might show where the issue is. If you mark in the email for attention of Alan.

I could finally resolve this issue. On a similar Devon thread I found that Catalina absolutely requires Full DIsk Access turned on in System Security & Privacy Prefs. I turned it on, and for good measure also tossed my current Apple Mail plug-in and reinstalled it as outlined here:

After restart, all is well again. Image Capture photos from iPhone are displaying normally and Email import is also displaying much faster than before.

Thanks Alan for your attention and support. Thanks to all the Devon staff for keeping good support threads available.

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Excellent and indeed DEVONthink should have Full Disk Access and any Automation requests allowed for best behavior.
Thanks for the follow-up! :slight_smile: