Bug: Sorter always returns after upgrade

I don’t use the Sorter tool. After every software release the Sorter is always re-enabled.

This is cosmetic but annoying. I’m also concerned about what other preferences are being reset/wiped during an upgrade ?

Is anyone else seeing this ?

Please ensure that the Sorter isn’t enabled in DEVONthink Pro (Office) > Install Add-Ons.

How can I uninstall the sorter?

I’d be happy to use it but it’s the almost constant nagging about hiding when going fullscreen that has forced me to disable it every time. It gets in the way when you least need it to.

A setting such as hide in all fullscreen apps or a don’t ask me about fullscreen apps would be better for me, or a way to completely uninstall it so that it never returns would be a lot more useful.

Just use Tools > Hide Sorter and ensure that it’s not launched on startup (see Preferences > Sorter).

I came to report this very issue. I have ```

Availability: [ ] Start Sorter at login

unchecked. DtP says that there’s an upgrade available. I upgrade. The Sorter starts and now it’s checked in the settings (

Availability: [x] Start Sorter at login

This is really frustrating because all other settings appear to be correctly saved between upgrades.

Is the Sorter enabled in the Install Add-Ons panel?

It was selected. I have now unselected it. This is a bit of an unusual place to expect to find it, since there’s something in the main preference pane for the sorter. I hadn’t thought of the sorter as an add-on, just something that was included by default because of its presence in the main preference pane.

The next release will improve this.