Bug: Title won't display if it's the same as Name

Using DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.2 set the View to “as Three Panes”. In the column list turn on the Title column. Select a PDF and bring up the document properties. Set the Title to be an EXACT match (including case) to the Name. When I do this the title name disappears from the Title column for the document.

If I change the title to anything else such as the name with a space after it, or use different case, or a totally different title, then it shows up correctly.

While this is indeed appears to be a bug, it requires an EXACT match, including the file extension. The extension wouldn’t be included in the PDF’s title.

Yeah, not a high priority. I discovered it when I was setting both name & title programmatically.

But I would also say I never want the extension in the Name. They’re ugly :slight_smile: