Bug; Undo

Open database; go to: Edit; Undo/Redo.
Both are greyed. Nothing has been done so far.

Choose group and do: Data; New from Template or: Actions; New from Template. DevonThink creates a new document in the selected group.

Go to: Edit; Undo/Redo are still grey. You can’t undo the last action.

Worse: if you had already been working in DevonThink Undo will undo the prior action and not the last action. This means that you can destroy valuable work inadvertently.

Got a specific example of the difference between the prior vs. last action? To me the prior action is equivalent to the last (i.e. immediately previous) action, but a prior action could be any that comes earlier (including the last).

Some apps are more thorough than others about dynamically/contextual appending explanatory text to the Undo/Redo menu items, e.g. “Undo Typing”. I’d like to see DT’s be improved, especially in cases where it’s likely the outcome may seem counterintuitive.

Do you want to undo creating a new document? What apps do that?

Yes, exactly. When I create a new document inside DevonThink and realize that I had the wrong group selected I whish to undo my action.

You are right: a texteditor has no undo for the creation of a new text document. But I would suggest that this is the same level in the hierarchy of events as creating a new database in DevonThink. I would not expect DevonThink to undo the creation of a new database.

But I expect a texteditor to undo the last input of a sentence or paragraph and so I expected DevonThink to undo the last input into its database: my inadvertent creation of a new document in the wrong place.

Interestingly DevonThink allows you to undo a delete. If you delete a document in DevonThink you can undo this action. I suggest that should apply to the creation of a document inside the database as well.

Well, you can make it advertent by dragging/moving/replicating/copying it to the “right place”. And/or you could use System Preferences > Keyboard to assign your own keystroke to Edit > Delete and roll your own solution.

Yes korm. Thank you.

I just whish to bring this minor nuisance to the attention of Devon’s developers. I think this is an omission and as I like Devon for so many reasons I whish for Devon to get better with each new version.