🐞 Bug when adding a sub-tag

When adding a new sub-tag, the sidebar UI goes a little crazy. To reproduce…


  • Expand the global Inbox to show groups within.
  • Create a top-level tag within which to nest the new sub-tag. Let’s call it “atag”.
  • Have a bunch of existing tabs present (not sure how many are needed to repro…I’ve got dozens.


  • Right-click on “atag”
  • Choose “New Tag”

Expected: The global Inbox remains uncollapsed & the blank new tag appears under “atag” with focus.

Actual: The global Inbox collapses, and though the blank new tag appears under “atag”, some other pre-existing tag further down the list goes into Edit mode.

Are you unifying the Inboxes, Tags, or databases?


This looks to be resolved in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

No worries! Good to know. :slightly_smiling_face: