Bug with certain Tag in Smart Group?

I’m using year tags like 2010 or 2011 to separate documents of events, which take place every year. Although you can assign these tags, you can’t use them in a smart group.

The window, where you compose the smart group, seems to accept them:

DT Smart Group Compose 1.jpg

As soon as you close the form with OK, they are erased from the field. So if you re-open the compose window the field is empty:

DT Smart Group Compose 2.jpg

I’m using DT Pro 2.0.6 on OS X 10.6.6

You might need to make a compound tag that looks like this:

To to this, enter the first tag predicate (history in this example), then hold OPTION and press the plus sign next to the “+” sign to add the second, compounding, element (nytimes). If you hover the cursor over the “+” sign a tool tip will explain how to do this.

That is not solving the problem: The tag 2011 still disappears from the 2nd input field (where you have nytimes) as soon as I close the compose window.

DT does not store the tag 2011.

Over here, I’m able to create a “2011” tag, use it to tag documents, and have a smartgroup find it. Please look in the Tags group of your database and see if there is a “2011” subgroup and that group has documents inside it. If so, there might be a problem with the database and I’d suggest contacting DT technical support for detailed assistance with that.

I have the 2011 tag in the tag group. I created a completely new database, created a few empty entries, tagged them and could reproduce the problem there, too. I attached the test database.
Test.dtBase2.zip (4.26 KB)

Thanks for posting the database. I opened it, and the smartgroup was not working, as you reported. I was however able to add the 2011 tag and make the smartgroup work. I don’t know if it’s a problem with your installation of DT, or the German localization vs. English, etc. I’d suggest you send the database to DT support at this website:


This might be related -

Whenever I create a smart group with multiple search parameters for the same field, only one of the search parameters is saved.

For example, I can select the following:
Any of

  • “kind” is “HTML Page” or
  • "kind is “Web Archive”

devonthink smart compound predicate - edit.png.png

…but the items listed are not correct. When I reopen the Smart Group, I can see that only one of the parameters has been saved.

devonthink smart compound predicate - re-open.png

I think this is a bug. Can you flag this to be fixed for the next release, please? (my version is 2.0.9)

You need to create a compound predicate as korm described in post #2 above.

The other way would be more intuitive, but that workaround works perfectly. Thanks Greg!