Buggy & inconsistent capture - comparing DT3 and DTTG

I’ve been getting inconsistent results when capturing the same page from DT3 or DTTG. The inconsistency is in all formats both apps support: Web Archive & Markdown, each with or without the clutter-free option.

I’ll use this wikipedia page as an example.

DTTG clutter-free capture (markdown & web archive):

  • text skips the introduction, capturing only from the first main section
  • misses most of the formatting on the page
  • most links are not captured

DT3 clutter-free capture (markdown & web archive):

  • captures all of the text of the page
  • captures more of the text formatting
  • most links are not captured

Capturing full web archives works more as expected, though DTTG captures a mobile-rendered page and DT3 captures a desktop-rendered page. It would be nice if there was a way to make this consistent if desired, allowing the two apps to operate as a single capture system rather than satellites of each other.

As I understand it, clutter-free is processed by a server run by DEVONtech, so the inconsistent behaviour seems strange. Either way, these bugs make it difficult to rely on the clipper (and therefore DEVONthink) as a reliable way to capture information.


Does this setting in the system preferences make any difference to that behaviour?

It does. It also if I manually request a desktop or mobile rendering directly on the page.

Regarding the links, it appears Clutter-Free processes the links as a kind of pseudo-markdown using footnote notation, but instead of extracting the proper URL it’s inserting a kind of non-functional pseudo-link at the end of the page.