Bugs in the new Arq 6

If you use Arq 6 to backup your databases, hold it off for a second and take a look at this.

Just a bit of friendly advice.


Is there something specific to DT that we should know? I scanned the topic and didn’t see any mention of any of the DT products.

Our company president uses Arq and we have advocated it as safe for backing up DEVONthink databases, so it’s just a head-up from a forum member.

hmm heads up on what :)?

Is it safe to upgrade to v6 for DT or should we wait?



You have to read the thread mentioned in the original post. It has no direct bearing on DEVONthink.

I was pressed for time and could not elaborate further, but I thought it was worth giving a shout out to this community about some of the issues surrounding the new version, since many people here use Arq to backup their databases (I found out about it here).

I purchased Arq this year, so I got an email from them with a free upgrade. I was pleased and immediately downloaded the new version. When you first open the new version (which now has turned into an electron app), it will ask to convert your snapshots into the new format that renders them unreadable by version 5. I did so.

The first thing that caused some annoyance (besides the electron app part and other aesthetic subtleties) was having to retype encryption password every time I tried to open the restore tab. There is not even a minimal delay before locking, if you click elsewhere in the app, you will have to type it again. My encryption passwords are very long and I keep all of them locked away in 1Password, so this was not good news for me.

When I went online to see if there was a way around this, I noticed that their tweeter feed was flooded with bug reports and the same thing was happening in Reddit and in MPU. Apparently people lost data in the conversion process and there were several updates shortly after the initial release.

One other thing I realised only after updating is that in the new licensing scheme, you license the machine and not the user. This means that I would need to purchase an additional license to have both my machines running the new version.

I ended up going back to version 5 and losing several snapshots, but no harm done. I had no need to restore anything right now and I have other backups. Also, the developer has said today that all the issues will get fixed, but it might take a while.