Bugs: Markdown not “remembering” interrupted edits

Hello. I’m not sure how to explain this bug so please ask if I’ve made anything unclear. In DTTG (3.5.1), if you open a Markdown file, and click Edit, write something and then either close the app or maybe lock the screen to do something else, without clicking Done first, the app doesn’t always remember what you wrote.

I realise that the expected user behaviour is that you would amend/write your note and then click done, but this is a new issue related to the current release, it was working fine before. (Also to be honest I’ve known about this issue for a week now but seem unable to get into a habit of clicking “done” - Macs have trained us too well with auto-saving!)

I’m often hopping between apps, and I always turn my screen off when I put my device down, and I’ve been caught out a few times this week. This bug occurs on both the iPhone and iPad.

I have confirmed the behavior here and am filing an issue on it. Thanks for your patience, assistance, and understanding.

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