Building PPT files in DPTO

I was wondering if anyone has experience with building PPT presentations by using elements that are stored within DT?

At this point I have not archive any of the teaching PPT or conference presentations within DTPO, only indexing. My concern is that any link to movies will be lost. Similarly, if I import my multimedia files within DTPO, I am afraid that building new PPT files will be difficult because of the database structure of DPTO will make accessing and inserting these files in PPT laborious.

Are these concerns warranted?


Actually, DT makes tracking media files easier than navigating a file hierarchy in Finder.

To add a media file from DT to PPT or Keynote, select the file in your database, click Data > Show in Finder (or add the Show in Finder tool to your toolbar and use that), and drag the file from the Finder display that will open into your PPT or Keynote document. Quick work.