Built-in Abbyy OCR vs standalone FineReader Pro

Question regarding results of OCR from these two separate approaches.

I have found by searching (I believe I am correct) that DT uses version 11 of the Abbyy engine.

I have been using the standalone version, Abbyy FineReader Pro, version 12, for some time, as in the past it produced smaller files and seemed to work better in general. I use a ScanSnap, Hazel, temporary Finder folders, and a script to make it work, but it works.

Now, the standalone version is not compatible with Big Sur, and there is no information I can find regarding if or when it will be compatible. So my questions are:

  1. Does the packaged version in DT produce nearly the same results as the standalone version?
  2. Will another standalone OCR software program work? I don’t mind spending reasonable money; I use the OCR function every day, and its worth it to not waste time.
  3. Just to confirm, I am assuming intrinsic OCR in DT works in Big Sur, for those who have upgraded.

Thank you!

My current 12.1.14 Abbyy version from Apple Store is working fine both in my MacBook Pro Intel 2020 and my 2017 iMac under Big Sur…