Built-in DT search vs Spotlight

New to DT from EagleFiler.

Given DT’s superior searching tools and capability (and given the fact that Spotlight indexing is ‘optional’ in DT), are there any advantages to enabling Spotlight in DT, please?

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I guess that depends on how uch you use Spotlight or if you’re using a Spotlight-enabled application like HoudahSpot.

I do use Spotlight and HoudahSpot, Yes.

Would I be right, though, in thinking that if I can get everything I want from within DT, to have Spotlight index its data as well is both a duplication and possibly a waste of processor power.

Make sense?

I’d say if you don’t intend to search for files in DEVONthink via Spotlight or HoudahSpot, then you don’t need to enable Create Spotlight Index for any database.

Got it. Thanks. I was hoping you’d say that :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.