Bulk import into DEVONthink to Go


I just purchased DEVONthink to Go, but I can’t find a way to import my old bookmarks.

I have quite a few bookmarks from my Safari reading list that I’d like to import, as well as a lot of bookmarks in a custom format (SQLite) using a bookmarking system that I wrote myself. Is there a published format I can export my bookmarks into that DEVONthink can consume?

Do you also use DEVONthink on the Mac?

Not at the moment (I just bought To Go yesterday), but I was going to try it eventually.

Only the Mac it might be scriptable, it’s also possible to import bookmarks from Safari (requires full disk access on Mojave) but the reading list is unfortunately not scriptable.

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Thank you @cgrunenberg. I’ve just downloaded DEVONthink Pro Office and will give the scripting a try.