Bulk scanning

I’m new to DevonThink and am trying to setup my workflow. I’ve got a stack of bills, bank statements, etc to scan (I have a ScanSnap S1500M) and am wondering what the best way to get these into DevonThink is. Some items are single pages and others are several. Is there any way to scan many at once and then easily divide them into separate files later or do I have to scan each item on its own, title and tag it and then scan the next item?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

In the ScanSnap S1500M Settings dialog there is a tab “File Option”. On that tab, there is an “Option” button. One of the options is “Generate one PDF file per” and a place to set how many pages should be in each file. (See image.)

Divide your work into stacks. One-page documents, two-page documents, three-page documents, and so forth. Set the option to 1 page per file, scan the one-page document stack all at once - ScanSnap will make a file for each page. Then set the option to 2 pages per file, scan the two-page document stack all at once … etc. … until you’re finished.

If you’re set up to scan to DTPO and OCR, you’ll be all set.

Beautiful, that’s perfect korm.

How do you handle OCR? From my scanning tonight it looks like the OCR process halts while it waits for you to fill in the file properties box (title, tags, etc). I was hoping I could scan in a stack of files, leave it to process and then come back and fill in all the details (titles, etc) all in one go. But I came back later and there was one pop-up box waiting for me and when I filled that in I had to wait for OCR to process the next document.

Is it better to turn off OCR, scan everything and then OCR the documents already in DTPO?

See Preferences > OCR. Uncheck the “Searchable PDF - Enter metadata…” box, which has these instructions displayed: “Disable to batch process multiple image files without user interaction.”

So is there really no other way to handle different sized documents?
(maybe using blank pages or bar-code pages)

I would really love to put in a stack of 1/2/3 and 4-paged documents and have the scan SW put them in 1/2/3 and 4 paged PDF’s.


It’s not a ScanSnap feature to do that. It might be worth your while to make up a bunch of separator sheets that are marked with a large X or some other obvious clue, put them between the documents, and scan the whole stack. Or, just make a mark at the top of the first page of each document? Later, in DTPO, you could use the split command on each separator page.

Think that I just realized that persuing a technical solution to this problem is probably more stressfull than just clicking ‘split’ :wink:

Thank you for making me realize this!