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I recently switched from Evernote to DEVONthink, and while most of the features are a substantial improvement, the current text document editor is a tad more basic.

In particular, forming a bullet point list is a bit cumbersome; the “List” button is in one of the menus, with no keyboard shortcut to access it. To make things quicker, it would be useful to have options for different lists (bullets, numbers, letters, etc) in the Editing Bar to speed things up.

I know about the Option+Tab shortcut to start a list with dashes, but I’m usually looking for different kinds of bullets (including letters, numbers, etc). If there were an option to change the type of bullet, that would be handy.

I hope you find the feedback helpful.


Welcome @Aurelius

There is no singular note format in DEVONthink.

If you are referring to formatted notes and HTML files, yes the editing options are more limited.
However, rich text notes have lists which are easily made.

And you can set hotkeys for lists, as I blogged about quite some time ago. Do note there are some small updates, like there’s an ellipsis (…) after some of the built-in options and you need to show the List menu in the Format > Show Format Bar, for the shortcut to register. This is a macOS thing.



I normally use Rich Text for my notes. However, Format > Show Format Bar is greyed out, so I can’t click on it. Do you know what I need to do to access this option?

same here :frowning:

A screen capture of DEVONthink and the menu may be helpful.

This is what it looks like when editing an RTF document.

same same. DT 3.0.3; macOS 10.12.6

Due to limitations of the AppKit framework the Format Bar can be currently only shown/hidden while not in fullscreen mode.

If you have the Format Bar visible, and switch to Full Screen > Window, the Format Bar does get hidden. However, if you push the mouse to the top of the window, the Format Bar will temporarily drop down, along with the Menu Bar.

If you switch to Full Screen > Document, all UI hides, of course. But if you have a keyboard shortcut assigned to one of the options in the Format Bar’s bullet list menu, you can still use them. (If you had the Format Bar visible before switching to Full Screen.)

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Hi – I tried the instructions in the Blog (thank you!). I got the first example to work without problems but I cannot seem to get the numbered or letter lists to work - I’ve tried 2 spaces, with and without the automatically inserted “.”, etc. Any further pointers? Would be REALLY nice to have a shortcut for numbered lists!! Using v 3.0.4

Thank you!

Make sure you’re using a true ellipsis, , not three periods after 3.