Business cards scanned -> OCR -> Address Book

Hi All,
In my effort to get paperless (thank you Fujitsu and DevonTech), I’m having issues with hundreds of business cards I’d like to enter into Address Book, and I’d prefer not to have my paperless desk become littered with scanners, already have a flatbed and the Scansnap S510 and may even get a filmscanner too.

I’m aware of the IrisCard scanner + SW, as well as the ReadIris Corporate software allowing for Business card recognition options, but wanted to ask in this forum if anyone has found another way to get business cards into Address Book quickly, or have them digitised in a similar useful way…?

Using DTPO and the Scansnap I found I can actually scan the cards and run OCR, but I still am missing the last step in turning them into contacts. Or do I need to post in the ‘feature request’ thread? :smiley:

Thanks in advance,

John C.
(MBP, Leopard 10.5.4)

Hello, John_C,

I am using DTPO with ScanSnap S300M, which comes with the Cardiris program. The “scan card” option becomes one of the profiles in ScanSnap Manager. After scanning and OCRing a card, it can be sent to the address book. For those cards with languages other than English, I save as tif files.