Buying the classic version and upgrading later to Pro


Is it possible to buy the classic version and if I decide later that I need the scanning + OCR to upgrade to pro ?

And if so, will the price of the classic version + the upgrade will be higher than if I bought the pro version directly ?

As @suavito pointed put in your other thread, yes you can purchase the Standard edition and upgrade to a higher edition later. The price is the difference between the editions.

Again, use the trial to your advantage. Don’t just jump into purchasing the Standard edition. Test out the features in the trial to see what you really use then go from there.

PS: please try not to cross-post or started multiple posts on the same essential subject. Thanks.

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Thank you and I apologize for creating 2 posts - in my head 1 was for the price and the other for the “features”.

I’ll be more careful in the future, I promise :slight_smile:

No worries!