cache problems with latest 10.5.1 security update

on quitting DA I get a endless ‘cache’ progress bar since the security 009-2007 update is installed on my MBP 10.5.1. a force quit is needed to quit DA.

problem looks very much like the one reported for safari 3 on some german mac sites might indicate a language specific problem.

Your cache is probably quite huge and clearing the cache will require some time. Just delete the folders ~/Library/Caches/DEVONagent and ~/Library/Caches/com.devon-technologies.agent on your own while the application isn’t running.

Same here. Problem still exists (on iMac, Intel, 10.5.1) but same version works properly on my G4 PB, PPC, here the cache is clearing and DA is quitting.

I don’t think there’s anything going on but a large cache and a Preferences setting directing DEVONagent to clear the cache on Quit. Patience will likely be rewarded by completion of cache cleaning and a successful Quit.

Suggested approaches, if you don’t want to wait for cache clearing on Quit:

  1. In Preferences > Search uncheck the option to clear cache on Quit. Then make it an occasional practice to either select DEVONagent > Empty Cache, or follow Christian’s suggestion of manually deleting the cache files in the Finder (with DEVONagent not open at the time). OR

  2. In Preferences > Search uncheck the option to cache downloaded pages. That will prevent cache accumulation.

Comment: I use approach 1). I don’t use approach 2), as there are times when I want the cache to be available for searches. If I use the Empty Cache command, it will be at a time when I can leave DEVONagent ample time to complete the operation while I’m doing something else, using a different application.

In the meantime I also use approach 1), Tried to wait until cache clearing several times, but it ended up in a totally frozen DA always (waited up to 25 minutes).

What I don’t understand is the difference between PPC and Intel, one way it works and the other one it don’t.

Please create a sample of the frozen DEVONagent using Apple’s Activity Monitor and send it to our support address. Thanks in advance!