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Since it is the beginning of the year, I typically re-evaluate my current app subscriptions and workflows. I am interested in learning what Calendar apps others are using for both macOS and iOS. And are you using any specific workflow or scripts to have your calendar work in conjunction with DT? I see a few older posts mention BuyCal and Calendar 366 as potential solutions. I do not love BusyCal, which might be related to the dated UI. And Calendar 366 seems expensive. I am currently using a combo of Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

I am eager for any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks.

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Apple’s calendar or Outlook for me, as well, depending on private or business purpouse.

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In Devonthink, I use an applescript to assist with processing inbox records
For event type notes, the script creates a calendar entry (Apple Calendar)

I handle task management in Devonthink
and review my task list in a gantt calendar view
This view is emulated using an applescript to export the task list to a spreadsheet (Apple Numbers)

I am currently using a combo of Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

I understand Apple Calendar; what’s the use case for the other apps?

I have used BusyCal for years, and I like it (perhaps because of the “dated” appearance? :wink:). I have tried Calendar 366 II, but it didn’t really do it for me. I have also tried Fantastical, and I could never understand why others liked it so much. Different tastes, I guess. Recently, I have also been using NotePlan for task lists. If you like Markdown, it could be an interesting alternative.

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Thanks for the reply and feedback. Noteplan looks awesome; unfortunately, it doe not support multiple iCloud accounts or Dropbox. I recently switched to Notesnook, and it has been pretty good so far. Maybe I need to give BusyCal a second look.

I use Fantastical, though I don’t think it does much that BusyCal doesn’t. Its companion app BusyContacts is worth a look as it can display your interactions with a contact (e-mails, messages etc). It might offer some the mini CRM functionality which has been discussed in another thread.

You can use Dropbox (it appears as a choice in the NotePlan prefs window), though the dev states there are some known issues with using it. Development is very active, it ought to be said, which may mean improvements in the future.

You can also sync using Git, though this seems a bit of a rigmarole:

This was an app I requested a refund for. It was practically unusable (sluggish) and made the devices extremely hot.
I own Fantastical (legacy), but think FirstSeed has the better view options. It has some week and month layouts I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I use Calendar 366 II on iPhone, iPad and iMac (without any Problems) - but no interaction with DT3 (because I do not need it).

Noteplan requires a subscription, for those who don’t care for such things. :slight_smile:

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I tend to forget that because I happen to be a Setapp subscriber, so I get access to a lot of applications that way. I was (still am) dead against subscriptions, but for some reason I succumbed to Setapp. I haven’t regretted it so far.

I use and like Fantastical. I don’t use it in conjunction with DEVONthink though.

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Welcome @goldsbrough

Thanks for offering your opinion on this. Any specific reason you like it?

Indeed, Setapp is really nice. I am not a subscriber myself but the only reason is that I have bought single licences of the listed apps and somehow they end up including more of them/“mine”.

Fantastical was a good solution before their change in their business model.
Another good option is Agenda. You can use Dropbox with it, too.

I have also enjoyed my Setapp subscription. They are to add new apps monthly now.

I actually decided against Agenda since it lacked E2E. Noteplan also did not offer this either.

Is there a way to encrypt Noteplan or Agenda?

FirstSeed looks great, thanks for sharing.

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If I remember correctly Noteplan uses plain markdown files which can be stored locally everywhere. Therefore you can use your standard encryption protocoll.

Umm, I did not realize that. I will have to do some research. I appreciate the information.

This Help article deals with encryption in Noteplan. There are links to articles about using CloudKit security.

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I like it because:

  • I can’t think of anything else I need it to do.
  • The interface looks good and is easy to work with.
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