Calendar overview in DT3? My solution with third-party apps 😎

I always need to terminate files in DEVONthink.
There is a good AppleScript template to generate a link to the file and schedule it afterwards, but with this approach I don’t have an overview of free schedule resources in my calendar (BusyCal).

In the past I always copied the link of the file and then switched to my calendar app.

With the help of Keyboard Maestro and the Menu Bar Calendar 366 II I have now created a workflow that saves me switching.

Here an example:

The window of the calendar can be positioned individually on the screen.

If you also use the apps and are interested in the workflow, please feel free to contact me. The required Keyboard Maestro macros are of course available for free.

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I like this approach very much, I had implemented a basic version of it using only Busycal, but this lacked indeed the overview of available time.

Calendar 366 is currently on sale with Black Friday, for $4,99. I intend to use this approach also with scheduling handling specific emails in MailMate.

Hello @sander2, as in my example for C366 II in DEVONthink, I also set up the workflow for Apple Mail :wink: