Calendar Template - Useful or not?

Aesthetics aside… does anyone think a PDF of the current month is potentially useful?


It’s pretty … but for years I’ve used my calendar app to make any paper/pdf’s of a month. beginning of year I print 12 of them for the bulletin board. So, if in DEVONthink I’d probably wouldn’t “think” to use it.


I use calendars all the time for individual projects, and I usually make a table of two columns, sometimes three to add the monthly goal. I would not use a .pdf file as it would be bulky and I like to add links in the calendar.

However, if the second image (months in red) can be generated automatically in a rich text file and is fully developed (i.e. dates for the entire year), I would use it a lot. I want to see the week numbers (Google Cal/ European style), week starting on Mondays, the dates, and I want to have the ability to delete weeks that have passed by. Well, that’s my wish list :slight_smile:

Not useful for me
I use a calendar app (Apple) for events
For my task notes, I export the list each morning to Apple Numbers for a gantt calendar view

Aesthetics aside

fwiw My week begins on Monday; the weekend (Sat/Sun) are at the end

My solution is an Applescript run automatically each morning
Not sure about rich text format; I’m more familiar with a spreadsheet or Formatted Note (html)
Note links are automatically inserted

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Your solution seems interesting. Care to share the script or point to resources for investigating further?

The gantt calendar spreadsheet begins with a template
Date cells have conditional formatting
By inserting a “.” in the cell, a green background is triggered; red for “…” priority tasks

Here’s the script commands for setting the date title row

tell application id "" -------Update the Tasks spreadsheet
     tell table "Tasks" of sheet 1 of document 1
        set currentRow to 2
	    tell row currentRow
	      repeat with ctr from 4 to 60 -- Initialize calendar dates
           set cellDate to (current date) + (ctr - 4) * days
		   set value of cell ctr to cellDate
		   set theWeekday to weekday of cellDate as text
           if theWeekday is in {"Saturday", "Sunday"} the 
             set background color of cell ctr to {45000, 45000, 45000}
             set background color of cell ctr to {65535, 65535, 65535}
            end if
          end repeat
        end tell
     end tell
   end tell
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Thank you!

A Calendar PDF could be useful for printing, glancing at dates, etc., but it would be even MORE useful if it was linked to Apple Calendar/Fantastical Calendar! Otherwise, it’s just another calendar.

Right now I am using NotePlan for my “daily” notes/brain dump, scheduling, task management, etc. and then I import my journals and important notes that I want to keep long term into DEVONthink at the end of the month. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too, NotePlan really suits how I like to manage my tasks. It took me ages to find a task management app that suited my way of working, and I’m so glad I did!

And I like that when I’ve finished with a project, I can just pull the final text file with all my notes into DT in case I ever need it again in future.

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I try to avoid dedicated task management apps like Noteplan
I’m sure they do a a better job, but Devonthink is my tool for note storage/organization
I handle my task management functions within Devonthink

Hello DTLow,

I am curious- how do you do task management with DEVONthink? I need something where it ties my Apple Calendar and Reminders together. Is there a way DEVONthink can do this? I am new to DEVONthink. Am I missing something?

All of my notes are in DEVONthink unless it is something that I am working on just for the day/week. Just curious how you have things set up?

My notes are tagged with the required task info; due-date, status, …
My task list is simply a filtered note list; status-active or due-dated, exclude status-completed

I need something where it ties my Apple Calendar

I use Applescript to sync notes to the calendar app
For example, an event note triggers an event creation in Apple Calendar


Interesting…I never thought of using tags in that way. I have never been a huge fan of tags, and that is one of the many reasons I left Evernote after 12 years. Not being able to have layered folders makes no sense to me. I had my workarounds, but after coming to DEVONthink, I can HAVE IT ALL (and then some :wink:). I am slowly incorporating tags for certain notes and I have been using tags for fonts in my font management program for awhile now and I find that useful.

I am pretty new to working with AppleScripts and I definitely want to use this feature more. Besides the AppleScripts that are built into DEVONthink, where is the best place to get more? Are there better programs out there to create AppleScripts besides Script Editor? I would love to learn this.

Script Debugger


Personally, I’d suggest to rather use JavaScript for scripting. AppleScript is useless outside the AppleVerse, it’s incredibly chatty, lacks countless features and is under specified.

On the plus side, it is said to be “easy to learn” (probably for native English speakers more so than for others). And there’s of course a lot more documentation on using AppleScript on Mac than there is on using JavaScript on Mac.

JavaScript is also used in many other places, most notably Web development. But there are also some apps out there that are scriptable with it on i*OS. Which is not possible with AppleScript.

JXA is nice for developers but for users I would still recommend AppleScript. And of course AppleScript is more mature. Just my 2 cents of course :slight_smile: