Calibre vs Zotero vs Devonthink for collecting ebooks and webpages?

I used these 3 apps not often before, now I try to do some research more on how to adjust my workflow. I saw many people recommend zotero+devonthink, what’s the best highlights of this combination?

My purpose is:

  1. Read ebook(azw3, mobi or PDF) on Mac, Kindle, iPad and Boox note, and I need take notes and annotation on the device, so I need to sync back to the main library on my computer
  2. Can collect webpages
  3. Good organization is a must
  4. Good searching system
  5. I used Obsidian to take notes, so which app can communicate with obsidian better?
  6. I am not doing researching report, so I don’t need cite functionality now, but if have is better.

I like DT most of all, why not collect all ebooks, webpage, or even OB notes in DT? Any one can give me some advice for the workflow, BTW, I never use zotero for sync, if the zotero cons described wrong, please correct me.

Pros: DeDRM, Convert format, Calibre-server, Export to kindle, Free
Cons: Outdated UI/UX, Bad organization

Pros: Collect meta automatically, Good files organization, Cite, Plugins, Free
Sync not stable with iPad or other computer
Zotero for iPad can only sync full library(too occupied iPad space)

Pros: Searching engine, Fantastic organization, DTG3 is good sync with DT3

  • Lack of metadata collection automatically thru ISBN or from online library for PDF file
  • Cite
  • DT chrome extension is not perfect compared with other famous extensions.