Can a Reminder Initiate a Smart Rule

Is it possible for a Reminder to initiate execution of a smart rule, with the ability of that smart rule to perform actions on the underlying document attached to the reminder?

Yes, by using the perform smart rule command as noted in the AppleScript dictionary.

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Much appreciated

Actually the trigger On Reminder should be sufficient.

I was pondering that. but it seems to me that the “On Reminder” works best if I want the smart rule to apply to a set of documents meeting search criteria. If I wanted the reminder about one specific document, then using “On Reminder” I would need to create some sort of unique search criteria - and if that criteria involved the document name, then if I edited the document name the trigger would no longer work.

Or am I missing something?

This depends on the number of reminders and the number of both items & reminders the smart rule would process. See e.g. the generic “Reminders” default smart rule.

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