Can an item link on iOS force opening a folder in text, not icon view?

Hi -

I’m using the item links a lot in my notes, and have made a note of links to my most commonly used notes which I access on both my desktop and iOS machines…I made a shortcut on iOS and put it on my homescreen(s) so I can click that and get to my “Table of Contents” note immediately; it’s really handy.

When I click an item link for a folder on iOS, it reveals the contents of the folder, but always goes to the icon view, rather than a text list of the items. These folders contain markdown notes, so it’s not super handy to have the icon view - it means I can see a smaller number of items at once

Is there any way to create a folder link which would default to showing the text view rather than icon? I tried adding the “?reveal=1” modifier to the item link, per page 190 of the manual, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect on iOS.

Thanks - this is just a minor annoyance I’d love to smooth out.


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No, there is no parameter to create this behavior. The request is noted.

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Ah, I was going to ask about this this week, too!

Even without the ?reveal=1 option, it’d be great to be able to switch between icon/preview and list views—perhaps via the View menu? Always changing view modes by moving “up” a group and then tapping on a different section of the group icon seems counterintuitive.

Always changing view modes by moving “up” a group and then tapping on a different section of the group icon seems counterintuitive.

I’m not sure what you mean here.

Bluefrog, thanks for the quick reply. It’s less of a big deal these days since I’m working from home :roll_eyes:

If you’re looking at a folder in icon view on the phone, you (probably) got there by tapping on the number of items rather than the folder name.

Now you can’t get to the text view directly from icon view; you have to go back 1 level and tap on the folder name to get the text view.

From my POV, the list / icon view could be a choice in the “View options” menu.


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Thanks—this is what I meant, too.

Ahh… I see.

No promises of course, but I’ll file a feature request.

Actually, there already is a way this can be done without modification to the UI, but there’s a small bug in it.

In Grid view, touch the back button and the item list will slide in on the left. The current group will be shown.
Touching the group should display the item list of its contents. Currently, it shows no selection so you have to repeat it, but it works the second time.

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Great, as I said, a small thing but a speed bump nonetheless.

It works as you describe if you got to the grid view from the item list…if you get there from a link, the back arrow seems to take you elsewhere…

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My experience too. (I think this is the right behaviour for a back button. The problem with this workaround is that there is no “up” button.)

Ah, I found a workaround for this issue. While hitting the back arrow doesn’t help, you can tap the Get Info item on the toolbar and select the container group to move “up” in groups. In my experience this takes me to a list view which I can then use to get to a list view of the desired group.