Can classify assign tags?

Can “classify” assign tags? I think not but I just want to confirm.

I’m new to DEVONThink and therefore I’m trying to understand DT well enough to create a hierarchy that will have a workflow that I will keep to.

I like the classify feature and that I can train DT to do a lot of the inbox processing for me. I also like using tags and groups and I like that b/c of DT’s flexibility with duplicates and replicants, it largely doesn’t matter whether I use tags or groups or any combination of the two. However as far as I can tell, Classify does not have the option to assign tags. If so, that would be a tremendous difference between tags and groups.

If I understand correctly, that means that groups get to use DT AI for classification and tags do not.

Is that right?

Welcome @DandyLyons

No, classification will not assign Tags. However, if you have a parent group with Tags and enable Inherit Tags of Groups in File > Database Properties for a database, the children of that group will have the parents’ tags applied.

It is also possible you could utilize smart rules for some tagging.

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