Can DevonThink database files be stored on a NAS

I’ve got some older/seldom used DevonThink databases that I would like to move off my SSD.

I have a QNAP NAS for storage. Is it possible for the package files that DT databases represent to be stored on a NAS with an ext3 file system without corruption?

I’m the only user, so concurrency isn’t an issue. I would rarely be accessing these files from the NAS, it would mainly just be for long-term archiving.

I understand a sync store isn’t the right approach, as then I still have to maintain a local database, if I read correctly.

While I’ve searched the forum archives, I haven’t found an answer to this simple question.

Yes, you can move your databases to your NAS. With the provided drivers from the manufacturer, you should be fine, but HFS+ is ALWAYS going to be the safest bet.

Also, note that our new Sync engine should work with local syncStores on an NAS.

Thank you so much; very helpful!