Can DEVONthink Server be used for database admin purposes?

After my company recently switched from Mac to Windows, we only have DEVONthink Server as a knowledge management tool for everyday use (running on our last remaining Mac in the basement). As Knowledge Manager, I am responsible for managing the DEVONthink content.

However, the user interface seems to offer much less functionality than the previous Mac application (for example, I can’t find out how to search using multiple tags). Is DEVONthink Server even meant to be used for admin purposes? If not, how can I manage the database without a journey down to the basement each time I need to upload new files with tags or create a new tag?

Can you do a remote login from your desktop Windows machine to the Mac? I am pretty sure there is Windows software available to do that. I have forgotten more than I ever knew about Windows since getting out of corporate life, so can cannot think of the software you need. But surely can be found via Google or Bing search. Your IT staff probably knows.

Once you get into a Mac session you can run DEVONthink desktop app to do as you like. A remote login eliminates the trek to the basement.

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And for completeness, from my PC…

Is DEVONthink Server even meant to be used for admin purposes?

You haven’t defined admin purposes.

PS: The next maintenance release fixes an issue with drag and drop to the item list. This is also supported in Windows. However, note the browser could potentially affect the behavior. Tested in Edge on Win 11 as it’s the built-in default browser, similar to Safari on macOS.

PPS: It’s working in Firefox on Win 11 as well.

Thank you for the quick responses!

By “admin purposes” I mean for example defining new tags, assigning multiple tags to a newly added file, or even searching the database using multiple tags. The standard version on my old Mac could do all of this, but I can’t seem to find these functions in the Webinterface on Windows of DEVONthink-Server.

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As noted in the documentation, the websharing is built on web technologies. It’s not – and can’t be – as fullly featured as the native Mac application. However, we have many people who use it successfully in office and academic circles.

No, DT Server can’t do tag editing [Edit: actually it can; see below!]; you can drag files on to tags in the sidebar, but it doesn’t do anything.

DT Server is a very stripped-down version of DT geared around the core functionality of basic content-based searching, though it does rather amazingly implement See Also & Classify. It’s still fantastic for basic searching and document download/upload, and extends that functionality and the beloved DT interface to Windows, Android, and all the seats you want, as well as giving you access from anywhere to your desktop master databases – but it’s limited by web technologies and by what you can do in a browser interface. Joe Kissell’s Take Control of DEVONthink briefly explains what it can and can’t do on pages 269–70, but note his wrap-up:

If you’re wondering about another favorite feature, chances are it’s simply not there—sorry! The web server is great for basic access, but it makes no attempt to replicate all of DEVONthink’s functionality.

Yes you can add tags in the Inspector in websharing.

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Gosh, thanks! I’d completely missed that, but there it is, at the bottom of the Info pane (similar to where it shows in the Generic pane on desktop) – I’d evidently never thought to scroll down that far… This is great!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: