Can DEVONthink to Go search act more persistent for documents as it does in Devonthink 3?

In DT2G, if I do a scope search, and get a list of documents, if I then click on an specific article to locate where that term is found, I am presented with an empty search field every single time. This seems needlessly tedious. In Devonthink 3, if I have a search result list, the sidebar search within each article automatically maintains the initial search term across all documents (plus it can be changed and is still persistent). I can simply move down the list of documents and se the same search repeated. It would be nice if DT2G acted similarly.

Could you please share a screenshot that illustrates what you’re doing and whether you’re on an iPad or iPhone?

Eric, my understanding of the request is that it is similar to this one in which that poster also points out that they have to manually copy the search term. So the request is for the search term used in the (“global”) Search field to automatically be transferred to the Search Document field when a result is opened from the results returned from the original (“global”) search.

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Yes, thank you, that is precisely the issue I’m talking about. Doing a global search, coming up with a list of documents, and then having to search each document (and rewrite the same search term) in each document. In the desktop version, the search term is automatically added to the document search (which can also be changed), that that search is persistent as different documents are selected.

Your comments have been noted, however…

  • MacOS ≠ iOS
  • DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go are not the same application.
  • And underlying frameworks are often not the same.

Therefore there will be certain differences in the functions between the two. As DEVONthink To Go evolves, some features are added, some behavior modified, etc., as time and technology allow.

Ah yes, I do realize that, and fully expected that response. On the other hand, if it’s a simple code fix to pre-fill the search field, it would save at least two people a lot of grumbling (I also understand there are no simple fixes). Thanks for the quick response. Understood.

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Yes, prefilling the PDF search field would be possible after thinning out some special operators that wouldn’t work there. Noted.

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Thanks for seeing a way forward. I know you have a long list.

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Wow, I see the new update already includes that feature. I can’t think of another time when I posted a suggestion to a forum and it was implemented so quickly, literally days later. Thank you! Not only have you made my searches more efficient and effortless, but you’ve established DEVONTechnologies as best development team in the known universe!