Can DVP not handle videos WMV or 1 GB

I stored some videos in DT Pro.
3 x mp4 between 500 - 800 MB. No problem to start video in DTP
The fourth video is WMV with 1 GB.
DVP cannot start the video. Beachball runs.
If I open the video in DVP with Window Media Player the video start an run.

Can DTP not handle so big videos or is the problem the format WMV ?


If you install Flip4Mac it should work.

On my Mac: Flip4Mac > WMV Player 2.1.9… is installed since long time.
Have 10.5.6 DTP 1.5.4

WMV Player is defined as standard in DTP
If I click on the video in sidebar DTP need 55 s to show the start window of video on the right. Beachball runs.
Then I click the start arrow of video beachball running long time 45 s but the video doesn’t start.


You might check the Activity Monitor, maybe the playback is requiring more real memory than available.

First scenario 14 Apr 2009 06:41:
Flip4Mac with WMV Player 2.1.9.

Second scenario:
Upgrade WMV Player

Now it runs but DTP need each time 1 min to import the video.

Similar videos (800 MB) as mp4 are shown direct after click in DTP.


That’s the behaviour of Flip4Mac. It does the conversion each time you open the file. So, any WMV files will have an initial time to convert. I think if you upgrade to the Pro version of Flip4Mac you can convert the WMV file to a file type that QuickTime supports natively, but I’m not sure.

So, any Mac program that doesn’t support WMV directly will have this problem.

Thanks tjl
Maybe the video comes later in mp4.
I will test to convert the video with VLC