Can I add shortcuts to DEVONThink on the Shortcuts ios app?

Hi/ Is there a way to set up shortcuts for DTTG on the ios app? I can’t get the app to appear there so wanted to check with others before giving up.

Only shortcuts marked for use in the Share sheet will show up in the Share menu in DEVONthink To Go (and other applications).

DTTG to my knowledge does not support shortcuts at all.

DEVONthink To Go has offered a URL scheme for a long time, allowing Shortcuts to do certain operations with it.

Sorry, but that’s not what I meant, and is certainly not what “shortcut support” means in any modern app. URL schemes are a work around and not a viable option, especially when Apple decides to finally get rid of it.

What I mean is regular shortcuts support like “normal grown up” apps have (f.e. Drafts, OmniFocus, Overcast, Protonmail, Reeder, Timery, need I go on…?)

URL schemes are a hack designed to get around a temporary issue in the past where the frameworks like shortcuts provides did not exist yet.
They do now, and I’d expect a quality app like DT to at least offer some very very very basic support like: add to DT, search DT, open specific group, and so on.

Even though I expect this to be present in the next iteration of DTTG, it would be good to also see it on the current version, since not all devices will be able to upgrade beyond that version, but do want to keep using DTTG.