Can I annotate a RTF file I'm working on

I’m currently writing a book and wanting to annotate the document as I write it. While I see where I can highlight a text and then click the annotate button it is greyed out and not available or working. Is this an option for an rtf or any other file the is editable as I write.

Thank you all for your time and this great software.


Thanks for the nice feedback and generous compliment. It’s very appreciated!

and then click the annotate button

What annotate button are you referring to?

In DEVONthink To Go, you can highlight selected text with this button…

Also, you can long-press on the highlighter tool and choose a different highlight color.

Does that help?

Yes that does help…I was confused for absolutely no reason. Thanks for the quick response!

No worries and you’re welcome!
Good luck with your book :slight_smile: